Séminaire du 9 novembre 2018


Telecom parisTech, salle F502: comment y aller


14h00-15h00: Florian Brandner, (TPT); Dynamic Arbitration of Memory Requests with TDM-like Guarantees

Abstract: transparents A major challenge with multi-cores in real-time systems is contention between concurrent accesses to shared memory. Dynamic arbitration schemes allow for an optimal utilization of the system's memory, while sacrificing time predictability. Time-Division multiplexing (TDM), on the other hand, sacrifices average-case performance in favor of predictability. In this talk, we will explore a dynamic arbitration scheme for mixed-criticality systems that is based on traditional TDM and thus preserves many of its guarantees. Notably, the scheme is time predictable and, at the same time, highly efficient.

15h00-15h30 : Da-Jung Cho (LSV); Properties of Site-Directed Deletion Operation on Formal Languages

Abstract: transparents We introduce a bio-inspired operation called a site-directed deletion motivated from biological technique---site-directed deletion mutagenesis. The goal of site-directed deletion mutagenesis is to create deliberately a deletion on a given gene sequence under enzymatic activities. We characterize the metagenesis into an operation of strings. Given two strings x and y, a site-directed deletion partially deletes a substring of x guided by the string y that specifies which part of a substring can be deleted. From a biological viewpoint, x is a template gene sequence and y is a guide primer with information of the region to be deleted. We study a few decision problems with respect to the site-directed deletion operation and examine the closure properties of the operations including iterated version of site-directed operation.

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