Séminaire du 10 novembre 2017


Telecom parisTech, salle C49: comment y aller


14h00-15h00: Liliana Cucu-Grosjean (INRIA), "Proving probabilistic time bounds on the execution time of a program - A system concern"

Abstract: transparents The arrival of new complex processors has made the time analysis of the programs more difficult while there is a growing need to integrate uncertainties from all levels of the embedded systems design. Probabilistic and statistical approaches are one possible solution and they require appropriate proofs in order to be accepted by both scientific community and industry. Such proofs cannot be limited at processor or program level and in this talk we provide hints on the possible interaction between different design levels by using the probabilistic formulation as compositional principle.

15h00-15h30 : Romain Rincé (ONERA/LS2N), "Complex Event Processing under Uncertainty using Exact Sampling"

Abstract: transparents For the last two decades, complex event processing under uncertainty has been widely studied, but, nowadays, researches are still facing difficult problems as combinatorial explosion or lack of expressiveness. Numerous approaches have been proposed like automate-based methods, probabilistic Petri-net, stochastic context free grammars, or composed methods using first-order logic and probabilistic graphical models.
Each technique has its own pros and cons that rely on the problem structure and underlying assumptions. In our case, we want to propose a model providing likelihood of a complex event from long data streams produced by a simple, but large system, in a reasonable amount of time. Furthermore, we want this model to be able to consider prior knowledge on data streams with an high degree of expressiveness.

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