Séminaire du 4 mars 2016


LIP6, 25-26/105 : comment y aller


14h00-15h00: Raymond Devillers (Université Libre de Bruxelles), "Synthèse des diamants"

Abstract : transparents on verra comment la production de diamants a fortement augmenté ces dernières années avec l'aide de réseaux de Petri faciles à implémenter.

15h00-15h30 : Engel Lefaucheux (ENS de Cachan), "Accurate Approximate Diagnosability of Stochastic Systems", joint work with Nathalie Bertrand and Serge Haddad

Abstract : transparents Diagnosis of partially observable stochastic systems prone to faults was introduced in the late nineties. Diagnosability, i.e. the existence of a diagnoser, may be specified in different ways: (1) exact diagnosability (called A-diagnosability) requires that almost surely a fault is detected and that no fault is erroneously claimed while (2) approximate diagnosability (called ε-diagnosability) allows a small probability of error when claiming a fault and (3) accurate approximate diagnosability (called AA-diagnosability) requires that this error threshold may be chosen arbitrarily small. Here we mainly focus on approximate diagnoses. We first refine the almost sure requirement about finite delay introducing a uniform version and showing that while it does not discriminate between the two versions of exact diagnosability this is no more the case in approximate diagnosis. Then we establish a complete picture for the decidability status of the diagnosability problems: (uniform) ε-diagnosability and uniform AA-diagnosability are undecidable while AA-diagnosability is decidable in PTIME, answering a longstanding open question.

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